There are many young Jews abroad thinking about Aliyah (immigration) and/or IDF service, but they and their families do not have the proper information regarding the Army. Whether they do not know whom to call, what their potential service options are, or their time obligations, there is a need for an information resource on joining the Israeli Army.

Formed by a group of former lone soldiers (volunteers from abroad) and native Israelis, IDFinfo provides information in English (other languages to come!) through its information-service website.

About_IDF_Info_7_86883388IDfinfo provides clear and up to date information on serving in the Israeli Army, program options for army preparatory programs, enlistment and volunteering options, lone soldier benefits, service options, parental support and more. We have great relationships with different Aliyah organizations and groups that support lone soldiers, and work closely with the IDF Coordinator for New Immigrants and the Lishkat Hagiyus (Draft Office) to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information.

We do not belong to a specific group, organization or business. We are simply a group of young people who put our resources and passion together to make an English language website providing the information and support currently missing, and desperately needed by many in the Diaspora and in Israel, regarding the IDF. Should you have any questions or need someone to talk to regarding the IDF, feel free to contact us.