The Lishkat Giyus is the IDF Induction Center. This is where you are called up for your Tzav Rishon, your first decree. There are five Lishkat Giyuses around the country — Tel Hashomer (Tel Aviv area), Haifa, Jerusalem, Tiberias and Be’er Sheva. After your Tzav Rishon, you may be called back to the Lishkat Giyus for more check ups and meetings. This is where you will also meet a Mashakit Tash in order to be recognized as a Lone Soldier.

At the Lishkat Giyus Tel Hashomer, there is an office specifically designated to helping Olim Chadashim and Lone Soldiers — New Immigrant Department.  The Coordinators for New Immigrants help Olim Chadashim and Lone Soldiers with their enlistment, draft and placement process, and with any issue relating to the Lishkat Giyus.

You are also encouraged to check out our Commander’s Corner for your questions.


Lishkat Giyus Tel Hashomer

Tel Hashomer Machaneh Tel Hashomer, Sha’ar Kiron

Lishkat Giyus Haifa

12 Omer El-Keam St, Haifa

Lishkat Giyus Be’er Sheva

22 Yad Vashem St, Schuna Gimmel, Be’er Sheva

Lishkat Giyus Jerusalem

Rashi St. 103, Jerusalem

Lishkat Giyus Tiberias

Elchadif Street, Tiberias