On the day of your draft, you will go to the Bakum (The absorption base) and are sent to begin basic training, no matter your job.

The following are different stations one experiences when arriving at the Bakum for your Giyus day, the draft base for the IDF located in Tel Hashomer:

  • Draft_Day_4_157572220Store personal Bags: You will be directed by a commander where to check in your personal items, before continuing on to the next station.
  • Aguda Lamean HachayalYou will be met by a civilian volunteer who will be happy to serve you and other draftees a snack and drink, before continuing on your way.
  • Enlistment Movie: Following your snack, you will view a movie that goes over the chain of events listed below.
  • Photo for Choger (Army ID):Remember that you will not have the chance to take a second photo! Make sure to take a great photo for your army ID.
  • Photographing Teeth: Using Dental Digital Panoramic Photography Advanced, your teeth will be photographed. This is for the army’s identification purposes.
  • Fingerprints: Fingerprints will be taken using a digital scanner.
  • Peripheral X-ray Inside the Mouth: This is accomplished using a modern x-ray machine.
  • Authentication of Data: The army verifies your bank account details, in order to transfer your military salary.
  • Blood Sample: A blood sample will be taken from you for identification during emergencies.
  • Vaccines: Flu vaccines (in the winter only), Tetanus and Meningitis.
  • Blood Sample for Bone Marrow Pool: This is done by an auxiliary organization, Ezer MiTzion. Joining only involves providing a blood sample, and doesn’t charge anything.
  • Diskiyot (Dog Tags): Everyone will receive dog tags. Those in combat jobs will receive an additional 2 disks to place in their boots.
  • Hairdresser (men only): If your hair is considered too long for military standards, you will be given a haircut free of charge.
  • For Those in Non-Combat Units: Interview with the Ketzinai Miyun קציני מיון , the officers in charge of assigning job placements. You are assigned a job, based on your testing scores in the Tzav Rishon(first drafting call), physical profile and Hebrew level.
  • For Those In Combat Units: Men and women who volunteer for Kravi (combat) see a doctor, on behalf of the unit. A doctor checks your physical suitability for service in combat units, before you are drafted. If there is a change in your health since your Tzav Rishon that requires further investigation, you are directed (on the spot) to specialists.
  • Women in Combat Units: If you volunteered to be in Kravi (combat), you sign a declaration that you will serve 36 months of compulsory service instead of 24. This is signed before you leave Bakum and go to your base.
  • Receive Military Equipment: This is usually done before you meet with the Katzin Miun, but it can sometimes be done afterwards.