Getting_Tzav_Rishon_20_2104606602If you have made Aliyah (obtaining Israeli citizenship), you are entitled to an acclamation year (שנת הסתגלות — shnat histaglut) before you are called up by the Army for your first call up, your Tzav Rishon. The purpose of your acclamation year is to work on your Hebrew; the Army encourages enrolling in ulpan prior to Tzav Rishon and/or enlistment. If you are an oleh chadash (new immigrant), expect to receive your Tzav Rishon within the first year after your Aliyah date.

Sometimes, people would like to get into the Army as fast as possible. If this is the case, the first thing you need to do is request to have your Tzav Rishon. You cannot do anything to start your draft process without first having a Tzav Rishon.

Note: if you do not have basic Hebrew, it will be very difficult for you to receive a Tzav Rishon before your year of acclamation is up.

This is what you need to do to request an early Tzav Rishon.

Submit a written request to the Rakaz Olim Chadashim at Lishkat Hagiyus Tel Hashomer. He/she will submit your request and will get back to you with an answer.

What the written request should say:

  1. Please write in the top right hand corner — Your name, teudat zehut number, address, & birthdate.
  2. Include your experience in Israel (optional)
  3. State the reasons why you are requesting to have an early Tzav Rishon. Here are some examples:
    • I’ve spent a lot of time in Israel and do not need an “acclamation year”
    • My Hebrew is already at a level where I’m ready for the army
    • I have a degree and am already 22 +, and therefore want to start the army process as soon as possible so I can start my life and apply for jobs/more school
    • I’m older than the average age and want to start as soon as possible
    • Motivated to do combat, want to try out for sayerot etc.

There is no guarantee that you will receive a Tzav Rishon upon making the request, but the Rakaz Olim Chadashim will do his or her best to help.

For Machal:

If you are doing Machal, then you do not need to make a special request. You get in touch with who you are told to get in contact with by your Machal contact at your regional Lishkat Giyus, and they take care of the process from there.

For all olim and volunteers, any questions regarding requesting or receiving an early Tzav Rishon, please email the IDF Coordinator for New Immigrants.