Please note that IDF needs and national security considerations during the time of your enlistment are the most important factor in dictating what job you will have in the army. 

Below is is the job placement process:

  1. Desire of a recruit to serve in a specific unit
  2. Psychological/intelligence/Yom Hameah (Special Testing Day) scores
  3. Educational and professional level of a recruit or professional work experience of a recruit in disciplined deemed important by the IDF
  4. Health profile
  5. Special family circumstances (married, only child)

You will be potentially invited to interviews and/or asked to take other exams in the weeks/months following your Tzav Rishon. For a high quality shibbutz, knowledge of Hebrew is important.

Yom Hameah (Trial Day)

Yom HaMeah (trial day) is a trial day designed to assist the IDF in assigning future female soldiers to the position best suited to their abilities and skills. The trial day is designated for soldiers allocated to non- combatant positions in the IDF. You must be younger than 19 years old in order to be invited to Yom Hameah.

The day is run by a civilian company based in Tel Aviv and trial days are held throughout most of the year. During Yom HaMeah (trial day) you will be evaluated in a number of categories at various stations that test public speaking ability, teamwork skills, public relations skills for service positions , leadership skills, technical skills and outdoor skills for field positions.

Yom HaMeah (trial day) is not available to “Machal soldiers”.

If you would like help with placement for non-combat positions, please email the IDF Coordinator for New Immigrants.