Volunteering for those medically unfit

Candidates for army service who were deemed unfit for army service because of medical reasons are permitted to volunteer for regular service, after receiving approval from a physician recognized by the army.

Volunteering_6_1808265901You will be a regular soldier except for a few main things:

  1. Your health coverage will not be covered by the army, but by your regular health provider.
  2. Your length of service; you will only be required to serve 12-18 months, and sometimes up to two years.
  3. You are not allowed to serve on a closed base. Even during basic training, you will be required to go home every day.

The volunteer applications are submitted at the regional draft board, at Mador Prat (a division of the draft board), which is located at your regional Lishkat Hagiyus.

Volunteering if arrived in Israel at age 26+ for males and 20+ for females

If you arrived in Israel at age 26 or later for males and age 20 or later for females, you are exempt from IDF service.

However, you may make a special request to volunteer. To do so, you need to write a personal letter explaining why you want to volunteer. In this letter, you should include your name, teudat zehut number, where you made Aliyah from, where you live, what you do in your life and why you would like to volunteer for the IDF.

Once written, you should fax this request to the IDF Coordindator for New Immigrants (Fax: 03-7373408). They will then contact you on how to proceed.

Volunteering without obtaining Israeli citizenship

If you would like to volunteer for the IDF and do not intend on making Aliyah, then you can sign up for Mahal.