Parents_Network_3_1590374430Welcome to the Parents’ Network!

As parents of lone soldiers, we know that it can be difficult and even frustating sometimes to know that your child is on the other side of the world serving in an armed forces while you are far away and it is hard to begin to understand what he/she is going through.  For this reason, we have the Parents’ Network.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are many parents who have been “lone parents,” parents of lone soldiers that have also had to deal with the fact that their child was so far away from them in this capacity. Therefore, we have made an easy and accessible way to be put in touch with current and former parents of lone soldiers who are willing to offer their advice and experiences as people in the same positions as you.

If you would like to be put in touch with a current or former parent of a lone soldier, simply email[email protected] and you will be contacted quickly.  As a community, all of the parents of lone soldiers are able to help one another and allow for an easier experience for everyone!