How to become a military lawyer

Like now for almost all professions involving military or special investigative bodies, even that of military lawyer is a legacy of American television culture. In Italy this role does not exist as told by the series 'JAG – Lawyers in the Uniform' or the film 'Code of Honor', but it is still possible to do something very similar by becoming a lawyer and specializing in military law. Find out here how.

Magistracy and military court
The Italian military judiciary is made up of magistrates of the judiciary that deal with the crimes of the Italian Armed Forces in times of peace and war . These magistrates operate within the military court which, in times of war, has the jurisdiction established by law, while, in time of peace, it has juridiction only on members of the armed forces.

The military lawyer: who he is and what he does
In Italy there is no military lawyer, but there are 'common' lawyers specialized in military criminal law . These professionals operate within the military courts, offering assistance and advocacy on all military crimes and ancillary penalties such as degradation, removal or suspension from employment and suspension from the rank. In consideration of the organization and structure of the Armed Forces, it is understood how to operate in this context there are often career soldiers or former soldiers who have taken the avenue of advocacy.

Path of studies
To become a military lawyer, there are two roads to follow. The first provides for the graduation in Law at a state or private university, the subsequent internship , the passing of the State Exam for enrollment in the Register and the exercise of the profession and one or more specialization courses or Masters in the field of military law banned by military tribunals. Alternatively, the possibility is to enter the Academy and then choose to specialize in law. Both options are valid, however it is clear that the training path of the Academy is advantageous compared to a classic one.

Military Academy: where are and how to be admitted
The Military Academies in Italy are four:

  • Aeronautical Academy of Pozzuoli (Na);
  • Academy of the Guardia di Finanza of Bergamo;
  • Academy of the Army of Modena;
  • Naval Academy of Livorno.

To be admitted it is necessary to participate in a competition announced every year by the Ministry of Defense and published on the Army website or in the Official Gazette. Pre-selection tests, aptitude tests, psychological tests, medical tests and written and oral examinations on a wide range of concepts and skills make it very difficult to become part of these universities, even if for the lucky ones who succeed in this training is excellent enough to a professional and personal point of view.

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