Since has become a point of reference for the information given to the Defense and Security sector, we have felt the need, both for purely editorial and informative purposes, to consult numerous law firms that have a strong knowledge within them. of "military law".

This particular form of law, known in a rather superficial manner by the vast majority of lawyers, entails a vast and in-depth knowledge of the jurisprudence which involves the operators of the sector in various ways.

In this context found in Avv. Giorgio Carta , a sure point of reference, always available to face both the legal and social problems that daily affect the working environment of women and men in uniform. The past of Officer of the Carabinieri Army has further deepened his already vast competence in the field of military law.

Below we report the professional card. specifies that, in line with the principles of gratuity and transparency, it does not receive (and will not receive) any compensation, neither direct nor indirect, for this information, drawn up for the sole purpose of facilitating operators in the Defense and Security sector in research of a professional in the field of military law.

Registered in the Lawyers' Association of Cagliari since 1998 and authorized to the higher Jurisdictions. Officer on leave of the Carabinieri.

Degree in Law at the University of Cagliari (1993). Postgraduate specialization courses in administrative law.

Areas of professional experience

  • Administrative law.
  • Military Law and Police Forces.
  • Judicial Administrative Law (TAR, Council of State, Court of Auditors) and out-of-court (consultancy to institutions or companies).

Military and police forces . Consolidated experience in the problems of the Police and Armed Forces. He holds numerous lectures and conferences for institutions or associations and for the Police Forces.

Aviation law . Consultancy to primary international aircraft operators in the field of the right of navigation, as reformed by the Legislative Decree 2005/96, with particular reference to air navigation. Drafting and negotiation of international short and long-term leasing contracts for airplanes (both for civil and military use), charter contracts (including time contracts), and related brokerage and agency agreements. Consultancy and assistance in the procedures related to the issuing by the ENAC of the relevant certification for the admissibility of air flights on Italian territory by national and foreign aircraft operators and for the related approval of the carriers. Assistance to air operators in public tenders for the management of air services.

Political Associations . Assistance and advice to political associations in all ordinary activities (drafting and verbal discussion of the meeting, convocation proceedings, resolutions of management bodies), as well as extraordinary ones (drafting and amendments of the bylaws, registration of political parties and assistance in the protection of symbol, protection of the political image through the protection of the right to the name, etc.) as well as in internal disciplinary proceedings (provisions of the Board of Arbitrators and related appeals).

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How to become a military lawyer

Like now for almost all professions involving military or special investigative bodies, even that of military lawyer is a legacy of American television culture. In Italy this role does not exist

Military Curriculum law

Lawyer advocate in cassation registered in the Register of Lawyers of Rome since February 2000, specializes in criminal law, military and administrative penal, especially for the management of labor relations