A Mashkit Tash is the equivalent of a social worker in the army. This soldier is responsible to help care for your social and financial concerns. A Mashakit Tash is assigned to every soldier in the army.

Mashakit_Tash_6_2951852217The Mashakit Tash is responsible for
making sure soldiers receive all their
rights and benefits from the army.

You can make the following requests through your Mashakit Tash:

  • Receiving or renewing a Teudat Boded (Lone Soldier ID)
  • Changing jobs (Tofes 55)
  • Ma’anak (monetary grant from the army); one time every full service year
  • Meyuchedet (travel abroad to visit parents or work)
  • Permission to work (אישור עבודה — permission to work)
  • Furniture for an apartment
  • Ma’anak Bazak – A grant you can get without presenting any statements, up to 300 shekels twiceevery full service year.
  • Halva’ah – A monetary loan from the army, up to 1,200 shekels each service year
  • Mimun Kartis Tisa – The army will cover the cost of a flight ticket back home once in a service
  • Housing Options
    • Kibbutz- A room on a kibbutz, up to two soliders per room
    • Beit HaChayal – a hostel for soldiers, up to 6 soldiers per room,located in all major cities in Israel
    • Rent- up to 1050 shekels per month
    • FIDF apartment- all expense paid for, fully furnished apartments, placed all over Israed, up to two soldiers per room, 6 soldiers per apartment
    • Kitzur Sherut (shortening of military service, granted in special cases only)
    • Assistance with moving apartments