Monthly Stipend

Lone soldiers receive a stipend of double a standard monthly salary which is set according to their “Operation Level Status.”

Combat 2038 NIS
Combat Support 1534 NIS
Non-Combat 1080 NIS

Food Stipends

All lone soldiers receive 120 NIS per month to all Supersal chain stores to obtain food products, excluding alcohol and tobacco products. The stipend appears on your choger (IDF soldier ID).

Sal Klita (only for lone soldiers who are new immigrants)

On top of the Sal Klita (Absorption Basket) that all new immigrants receive during their first 6 months after Aliyah, lone soldiers receive an additional 433 NIS monthly stipend from the Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Immigrant Absorption). Lone soldiers can receive these benefits retroactively up to a year if they do not receive them.

Rental Assistance (only for lone soldiers who are new immigrants)

Lone soldiers are entitled to receive rental assistance from the Misrad Habinui v’Hashikun (Ministry of Construction and Housing). After being in Israel for one year, lone soldiers will receive an additional monthly stipend of 420 NIS from the Misrad Habinui v’Hashikun. This service needs to be renewed every six months. Lone soldiers must bring their identification card, Ishur Sadir, lone soldier letter issued by the army and teudat oleh to the Misrad Habinui v’Hashikun.