Military Curriculum law

Lawyer advocate in cassation registered in the Register of Lawyers of Rome since February 2000, specializes in criminal law, military and administrative penal, especially for the management of labor relations in the Armed Forces.
He has handled procedures of maximum importance for the Armed Forces that have risen to the judicial news (Nassiriya).

He is currently an officer belonging to the reservoir of the Selected Army Reserve.

Professor of Military Criminal Law, Military Operations Law and International Military Law at the Tax Police School of the Guardia di Finanza.

In 2014, he worked as Legal Advisor in the multi-national "Eagle Joker 14" inter-force exercise in Solbiate Olona, ​​at the NATO headquarters Rapid Deployable Corps Italy (NRDC-ITA).
He contributed, as a legal consultant, to the management of the real estate of Defense at the Army General Staff (V General Affairs Department).

He participated as a student and assistant professor in the 12th Course for Juridical Counselor in International Humanitarian Law and Military Operations Law of the Higher Institute of Joint Staff at the Center for Higher Defense Studies (CASD).

He qualified as a "Functional Specialist" in November 2010 at the Multinational CIMIC Group in Motta di Livenza ( ).

He gained experience as a legal counsel for the Armed Forces (Army) at the Simulation and Validation Center of the Army (formerly the School of War) in Civitavecchia, for personnel management and training for legal consultants for missions outside the area.

He has held the position of Legal Advisor at the Italian Contingent Command in Afghanistan (Herat) from March to June 2009 with the "Julia" Alpine Brigade and later with the "Folgore" Paratroopers Brigade.

From 1997 to 1999 he was responsible for the Litigation Office at the Directorate General of Military Personnel – Official Employment Division, later Army General Staff – Employment Department.
He has worked as a coordinator with the Directorate General of Litigation and the State Attorney for the handling of judicial and administrative appeals, as well as legal consultancy duties for the Chief of the First Army General Staff Department.
He left the service with the rank of Lieutenant in May 1999.

From 1996 1997 he was a Complementary Officer at the 225th RGT. "Arezzo" with the title of Platoon Commander, in charge of the "Graduated Instructors" cours

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