Lone Soldiers Benefits

  1. One time loan for one of the following goals – living, studies, getting married, medical care, opening a business, or for special circumstances. You can get a one time loan for 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 or 5,000 sheckels, and up to 12,000 for extra special circumstances.
  2. Scholarship of 1,000-1,500 shekels a month to complete high school matriculation (bagruyot). You can receive a scholarship to take courses in a Mechina Kadem Akademit in order to complete your high school education and pass the necessary bagruyot in order to enroll in university. This covers the entire year’s tuition.
  3. 50% discount to finish bagrut at a special school.
  4. 1,250 to 2,500 shekels to help pay for a psychometry preparation course. You will get 2,500 sheckels for a course taken at the Psychometry Center and 1,250 at other places.
  5. 100% Subsidy to pay for fee for psychometry test. You will also receive 100% subsidy to pay for application fees to universities.
  6. Scholarship for university (BA or MA) studies from Garoos Fund. Receive two yearly 5,000 sheckel scholarship for university studies from the Garoos Fund. For more information, www.gruss.org.il.

Benefits for all soldiers

  1. Maanak Shichrur (Discharge Payment) – If you served in the Army for at least 12 months, or were supposed to serve 12 months but were released because of health reasons, you are entitled to receive a maanak shichrur. This is a monetary payment given to soldiers 4-6 weeks following their release from the Army. Depending on whether you were combat, combat support or non combat and how long you served will determine the amount you receive for your Maanak Shichrur (Discharge Payment). Click here for a graph to determine how much you should receive.
  2. Pikdadon – Each released soldier has five years to use their pikadon. After five years, you can take the money and spend it as you please. You have two years to get the money from the Army. If you have not asked for the money in two years, then you’ve lost your chance to get it.

Here are the five different things you can use for the Pikadon:

  • Studies – university, completing high school matriculation, psychometric exam
  • Professional courses – tour guiding course, bar tending course, etc. Course needs to be taken at a recognized institution
  • Buying or building of house/apartment
  • Opening up a new business
  • Marriage

Important Notes:

  • You have to serve in the Army at least 12 months in order to receive the Maanak Shichrur and Pikadon.
  • If you go to Keva, then you can still be considered a lone soldier regarding your release benefits. However, the five years start once you go from regular service to Keva.