Garin Nachal

Israeli_Enlistment_Tracks_5_1640491368This program is for enlistees who would like to have a service that involves community service and living in a garin. Through a youth group, you will sign up for one of their garinim (together in a group) either in a city or on a kibbutz together. You will spend time – boys one year and girls 6.5-8.5 months – volunteering in one of many options, which include working with new immigrants, at risk youth, in a development town, youth group work, community work, etc. The garin also involves physical training during the time of community service. Boys with an 82 or higher profile will serve in gadood chamishim (Unit 50); if you have a 72 profile, you will serve in gadood hakarkal (co-ed combat unit), and if you have a 64 profile, you will serve in a combat support or combat training role. Girls will either serve in gadood hakarkal or in a combat support or combat training unit.

For Israelis interested in the program, you will need to sign up by February of your senior year. For oliminterested in Garin Nachal, please be in touch with the appropriate people (written below).

Boys are required to serve 40 months.
Girls are required to serve 26 months.

To sign up and for more information

Social Services Office of Defense Ministry — 03-6084506/7


The Hesder program is a 42 month commitment, involving 26 months of Yeshiva study and 16 months of active army service. As part of Hesder, soldiers are drafted together, as a group, into a field unit.

Sherut Leumi (National Service)