If a new immigrant is a doctor or a dentist, you are obligated to show your diploma and your certification from the Israeli Ministry of Health to work as a doctor or dentist when making Aliyah.

Doctor_Immigrants_Rofeh_Olim_5_1191886990If you arrived in Israel up until age 32, you will be required to serve in the army 18 months. However, you will enter the army with the status of keva – meaning you will receive a salary above the normal army salary.

Doctors will go through basic training and then they will join a 3.5 month officers’ course. This will leave them 14 months to serve as doctors in the army.

Almost all doctors will serve as battalion doctors (in army bases and not in clinics), and will be giving general medical treatment.

Doctors will be asked to take a Hebrew test before working as doctors.

Dentists are also drafted.

Physicians to which the above applies, will be asked to do Milu’im (serve in the reserves) until the age of 43. You will be paid a salary during this time.

The army is entitled to draft you after six months. You are allowed to defer the service for up to twenty-four months from your Aliyah date. If you are asked to serve before the six month period, you are asked to sign a waiver – and it is your right to refuse.

Physicians who are married with children (men) are still required to serve in the army. At present, all women who are physicians are exempt from service.

You can be in touch with the army directly by contacting Etti at: 052-9285496,  Tal Goren by phone at: 0508-554782 or by email at [email protected]

*Adapted from the Nefesh B’Nefesh link on Physicians.