Using your Academic Degree

If you studied Engineering, Architecture, International Relations, Political Science, Communications, Middle East Studies, or Law for example, there are positions for you in many areas of the army including:

  • Dover Tzahal (Spokespersons for the IDF)
  • Kishrei Chutz (Foreign Relations)
  • Nadar (Medical Engineering)
  • Matpash (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories)
  • And other units that can utilize your background.

It is important to note for most positions using your degree, you will have to sign on for a minimum of one year service (assuming you’re only required to serve 6 months). Many units, like Dover Tzahal (Spokespersons for the IDF), require you to sign on for a total of 2 years.

There will also be options for you to receive a job that is very close to what you studied in university. If you receive this option, you may be asked to sign up for a toal of 3 years – 1 year of mandatory service and 2 years of supplementary service in which you will paid as an officer.

Make sure to bring a copy of your degree and its certification by the Israeli Ministry of Education to yourTzav Rishon (First Call Up).

If you do not sort a position out before your draft date, you still have an opportunity to get a position using your experience in the army.

Almost always, you will have to sign on for more time. Your degree must be recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Lastly, many times people with degrees do not receive jobs relating to their field. The IDF does not always have positions to your background/expertise. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are dissapointed with your placement. Furthermore, Hebrew fluency is crucial to receiving placement in your academic background. 

For all olim and volunteers, any questions regarding requesting or receiving an early Tzav Rishon, you can email the Email the IDF Coordinator for New Immigrants.